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Spanish Water Dogs

   This versatile breed was originally bred in Spain for herding sheep and goats, water work and guarding. These dogs are very quick to learn, have excellent memories and the ability to think on their feet. They are relatively new to the UK but have already made their mark in Agility, Flyball, Gundog Work, Water Training and Search Work.

   Spanish Water Dogs are more suited to owners who lead an active lifestyle. As a breed they have a strong guarding instinct and it is important to understand this and manage it appropriately.

   One notable feature of the breed is its distinctive natural rustic appearance, which is achieved by hand grooming. The coat of a Spanish should never be brushed, combed, sculpted or shaped. This is a non-shedding breed and should be clipped at least once a year. Regular swimming keeps the coat in good condition.


At this moment in time we have no puppies available. If you are interested in owning a Spanish Water Dog and would like to know more about the breed, feel free to contact us. You may wish to consider purchasing our book, which is a comprehensive guide to the breed: see the link on the left hand side. Our Champion Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Szymon has sired a litter, ready in mid March. Available is one dog and one bitch. If you are interested in a puppy of this breed, contact me. .

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Spanish Water Dogs

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