The Spanish Water Dog Book

   Inside the pages of this book you will find everything you need to know about this fascinating but complex breed. The book covers the history of the breed, its ‘primitive’ nature, living with and understanding the way your dog thinks and acts, choosing, buying, training and socialising a puppy, positive training and problem solving, breeding, health problems, canine activities and the senior years.

   In many ways, Spanish Water Dogs are different from most other breeds. They are an ancient breed but only recently officially recognised. Bred in a rural setting, they needed to be tough in order to cope with the hardships life could throw at them. In an urban setting, we expect them to fit in with family life like other breeds of dogs that have generations of domesticity in their ancestry.

   This book deals with the need for owners to understand the true nature of Spanish Water Dogs and how to live with a sensitive, quick thinking dog that has a strong guarding instinct.

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